Ibizkus Rosé (6 units)

On first sight, the bottle is the aspect of Ibizkus Rosé which immediately catches the eye. It’s a long, slender Provence-style bottle, with a beautiful and contemporary decoration of flowers and grapes with a unique glass stopper. A delightful touch.

Lift a glass of Ibizkus Rosé to the sunlight, and the appearance of this Ibiza wine is a light salmon pink colour with a glint of copper. The nose really opens up to reveal luscious red fruits of strawberries and cream, raspberries and floral notes. The palate itself is wonderfully refreshing, with a zingy zesty note which gives this elegant beginning to the tastes. The fruit aromas continue through to the palate and the red fruits of raspberry and strawberries are now joined by a sweet spice. I can really detect the presence of quality Monastrell wine grapes, aka Mourverde.


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75 cl.

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